I previously announced some changes here, and here they are. The methods I had tried to use to get what I needed content wise here took too much work and I ended up spending too much time on getting that all working rather than getting tracks, mixes, and videos up.Yes, in case you were looking for something everything that WAS here under /sounds/ is gone.

Also, with that said, my life has changed considerably over the last few years, I’m married, my son is now 18 months old, and I’ve really found that I haven’t adjusted life either before or after all this. I’ve left a lot of my friendships go to the wayside, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.

I haven’t stopped working on things, but everything has mostly been in my head. Now that the kid is a bit older, I’ve had time to devote a little more time to music. My wife really doesn’t care either way so I’ve been having a hard time getting excited about it at all. I have no space to set up any of my gear (in a 2500 sq ft house!) and it’s seriously limiting at times, although studio space should be coming in the year.

What I do plan on doing in the very near future is going over some of my setups and the way I do things in a Live fashion as far as beat cutting old disco records and what not. I’ve got some video footage ready to go, watch for it here soon. Those who would be looking at this page know I’ve given out a lot of advice (and gotten some good advice as well) over the years, and I’d like to chronicle that.